@interestica 4d
Investigations have some weird bits. I've always wondered if there's a certain title for the person who prepares the chickens for the 'chicken gun' in airplane testing.


@themitigating 4d
I have no flying experience but if there was a fire in the cargo hold wouldn't the crew at least send a message? I thought this flight veered off the flight path before disappearing
@IgorPartola 4d
It’s not that weird. Lithium (ion) batteries can catch on fire if submerged in water. Can juice do it is a legitimate question.
@EricE 4d
Strikes me as a desperate attempt to save face and explain away the most plausible explanation - that one of their pilots committed an atrocity.
@joshspankit 4d
I also imagine that the first attempt was behind some sort of explosion-proof wall because It Just Might(tm).