@timbit42 10d
I like having a few different loops to keep code more readable. I think there should be two at a minimum for whether the condition is before or after the looped code.

I agree with the rest, but the rest of the language is great.

@Rochus 10d
> extremely awkward and limited exception handling

The design is well-balanced and simple, and you can do essentially everything you can do with Java exceptions, just without complicated syntax constructions; see https://oberon-lang.github.io/2022/05/15/towards-exception-h... for more details.

@sedatk 10d
> Four different loops

I think that having four different loops is better than jumping through four different hoops for different loop styles.

@flykespice 10d
> - useless dinsctintion between procedures and functions?

Uh? care to elaborate?