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"What's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking. Are the dogs fighting again?"

As an AI language model, I cannot promote or condone any activity that involves animal cruelty or abuse. Dog fighting is a cruel and illegal activity that can lead to severe legal consequences for those involved. It is important to report any suspected instances of dog fighting to the authorities so that appropriate action can be taken to protect both animals and human welfare.

"Your foster parents are dead."

@twodave 13d
Seriously, this is what creeps me out most about the latest advances in technology. Eventually I won’t be able to trust that anything digital is authentic. Think of how much of our planet now depends on digital interactions.

Some of the abuse we are about to encounter can be dealt with via solid authentication/identity practices, but without some sort of extra verification it’ll soon be impossible to tell whether audio/video sample is authentic in cases where the person carrying the identity is also the one faking it.

I get that there are potential solutions to this problem, but none of them are simple enough for an elderly person to sort through whenever they go to do some thing that requires extra verification.

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Just came here to say that the first terminator is a much better movie overall than t2 and it’s a shame everyone only focuses on the better action scenes of the latter to give it the crown. / end of rant
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I like how that presciently anticipated LLM's problem with being tricked by a confidently wrong premise.
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