@prottog 12d
> the competing tensions in some sort of balance

This is such a crucial aspect to stability through the ages. Any system of government that depends on an unbroken succession of angels is bound to fail sooner rather than later, and much sooner than anyone thinks; so systems must be designed with the assumption that power-hungry, egocentric maniacs will be in charge, and pit them against each other in a contained manner. "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition."

@arpowers 13d
Cato the younger for forcing Caesar to cross the Rubicon?
@raducu 9d
But the main reason was slave work that enabled the obscene accumulation of wealth in the hands of so few.

Exactly what is happening today with slave wage, acces to AI/automation, discretionary not applying laws(labor laws?) for some players, massive tax evasion schemes for the 1%, printing money discretionary for the 1%, monopolies on comerce, state monopoly on comerce via tight monetary controls(China), treating homes as "investments", control of the media.