@Lio 73d
I have a modern Golf diesel (2014) and love it[1]. I think they pipe artificial or modified engine noise into the car when you give it the beans.

Sounds awesome ...as long as you don't open the windows. If I do it still sounds OK but you can tell it's a diesel.

I've had it from new and it's still so good on fuel I guess I'll keep it till it dies. My record is 82mpg (UK gallons) on a motorway run. Nothing's ever gone wrong on it and it's cheap to service. It has all the features I need like Adaptive Cruise.

Not sure I'd replace it with an ID or whatever the new VW replacement is but there's something just right about the Golf design.

1. Luckily it's from just after the Diesel Gate affair.

@dieselgate 73d
Yeah certainly agree with you as well in regards to the advances in tech. I get really excited seeing (hearing) new BMW (and other) diesels just because they’re so rare, wasn’t aware Range Rover used any diesels! Some of the big changes it seems happened relatively recently in the 80/90s when turbos and direct injection became common place?