@weld 13d
The L0pht had no leadership. Only partners that paid rent and utilities. You had to pay to cover your share of expenses but also contribute with sweat equity. We ended up kicking out a couple of people that ceased to contribute to the common good even if they paid.
@throwawaaarrgh 13d
Leave the bay area, or go find some artists with a warehouse and give them some cash to let you keep some machines there
@goodpoint 13d
> It is almost impossible to find tech-adjacent countercultural spaces in the Bay that aren't fully co-opted by a self-devouring corporate mindset.

HN being a prime example outside of SF.

@medion 13d
Counterculture in general seems scarce, everything and everyone feels so hyper normal these days.
@dannyobrien 13d
you may wish to visit Noisebridge someday
@ornornor 12d
Who is sick enough to put KPIs on a for fun hobby?
@kurthr 13d
Come on you're just holding it wrong, Zero to One is the most important thing! One to zero is next.

Really, how did he become a board member? Donated money or self-important resume? The rest of the board let him do it so it's a bigger problem than just him. Get the email list of membership and start a real space... there's lots of empty office space now so you might be able to get a donation since they get to write it off at old pricing, but it's a huge amount of work for very little return (unless you like running these sorts of things).

Sorry for your situation.

@thrown123098 13d
So start one that's completely toxic to the current mainstream culture. People forget just how unpopular tech was in the 90s/00s. Or that counter cultures are always reviled by the majority.
@recuter 13d
You remind me of a guy called Brian. He is a very naughty boy.