@sowbug 10d
Coworkers' names and the reason for meeting with them.

I used Anki for this when I was in a management position that involved meeting with many people, often just once or twice each, across my very large company. It was nice to be able to greet someone by name in the cafeteria six months after our meeting, and ask how such-and-such project was going. I'm sure some people already remember names, faces, and context effortlessly. I'm not one of those people. But I always appreciate when someone remembers me, so I was willing to work to do the same for them.

I stopped doing it once my work universe got a little more stable, and life's daily encounters were themselves the spaced repetition I needed to remember everyone.

@johtso 10d
I've also never used anki for anything related to my work / programming.

What I have used it for:

  Memorising how to identify plants and their latin names
  Memorising the technical terms for different morphological features of plants so that I could efficiently use a vegetative identification key without constantly flicking to the glossary
  Memorising foreign language vocabulary
@shusaku 10d
One of these days I need to make flash cards of those makefile automatic variables…
@1123581321 9d
Mine’s a grab bag. If I had to look something up, and value knowing it cold the next time it comes up, it goes in. I could see some engineers having nothing that fits that criteria.
@kobalsky 10d
you can use it to memorize some console commands, library calls, anything you would like to be able to remember without checking the source material.