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That sounds about right. We bought a '75 which was the first year they came into the US. It was a fun and versatile car. We drove it until it was literally falling apart. The portions of the floor pan where the front suspension wishbones (under the driver's and passenger's feet) had rusted away. I tied the two sides together to keep it on the road a little longer but it suffered from excessive toe in on acceleration. ;)

IIRC it was about $2700 US for a four door mid level trim. No power windows. No A/C. No power steering or brakes. None needed in a car that light.

And decent fuel mileage at a time when US cars all suffered from horrendous fuel mileage due to pollution controls. I had the feeling at the time that the big three US manufacturers were punishing us for demanding cleaner cars and VW came along to show us how it was done. And that was before they adopted fuel injection.

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I think it's implied because mk1 golf is the rabbit in the US, but they could have made it clearer.

>The Rabbit stayed on the US market from 1974 to 1983, when it was finally replaced by the MK2 Golf