@retrocryptid 10d
That's true except for the bit about Plato terminals in the library. In the school across town, in the high-school in Springfield, and in colleges in Dover, Tallahassee and Dallas.

I mean sure. Except for those places, the only place you could find a multi-thousand dollar PLATO terminal was the old RF research building. And CDC headquarters and a one or two at Cray's lab.

@com 10d
You’re missing the terminals in an academic music library in Perth, Western Australia, and terminals in a local jail there too. Term-talk, and the games, and p-notes were transformational for some of us, who later went on in tech roles.
@vipvipv 10d
I think there is SOME truth to this. I remember being there and thinking if this could go beyond their confines but it never tookoff!:)
@convolvatron 10d
I used plato and found it pretty meh.

MECC on the other hand