@vector_spaces 10d
There's a Python library called genanki that has a minor learning curve but isn't terrible to figure out. My process is to maintain a gsheet with data I use to generate my flashcards, then manually download the CSV data, and run a Python script to convert everything into the Anki format.

If I'm not mistaken it's also possible to import CSV data directly into anki without the intermediate Python script

@huimang 10d
Anki can import csv files.

That said, making decks is extremely tedious. It’s better than a premade deck for learning language vocabulary, but it’s time consuming.

You shouldn’t make vocabulary cards programmatically. If you’re going to invest time into learning a card, you need to be absolutely sure that it’s correct. Otherwise you’ve wasted your own time.

When I was using Anki daily, I’d reserve about 20 mins or so in the evening to input new words.