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The two cropped files are different. They are built deterministically, therefore you know whether the redaction was of a red circle or of a blue circle.

Typically that apply to things like redacted pdf lossily compressed as image, for which you have already a few candidates words (and you can bruteforce). You try them one at a time and see whether the compression artifacts match.

The uncropping algorithm is pretty straightforward in theory : remove jpg artifacts, and fill the cropped region with candidate image portion x, compress and compare the produced artifacts to the cropped image artifacts, try a neighbor candidate x+eps*N(0,1) and optimize (aka random search).

The artifacts are related to Fourier coefficients so the distance between artifacts isn't too irregular.

The remove jpg artifacts, can range from really simple to really hard depending on the class of problem you have.

If the background image is something digitally generated (like here in our example of red and blue circles), or a pdf file you can get the uncompressed version without mistakes.

If the background image is something like a photo then you need a little finesse : you need to estimate the compression level, then run a neural network outside the cropped regions (4 different images : above, below, left and right of the cropped region) that remove the artifacts (something like https://vanceai.com/jpeg-artifact-removal/ but finetune to your specific compression level), so you can estimate the artifacts, then you search for the image inside the region (eventually with a neural net prior but that increase the probability of data hallucination) such that the jpg artifacts of the compressed reassembled image, is close to the jpg artifacts of your cropped image.