@nigeltao 12d
jj is faster than jq.

However, jsonptr is even faster and also runs in a self-imposed SECCOMP_MODE_STRICT sandbox (very secure; also implies no dynamically allocated memory).

  $ time cat citylots.json | jq -cM .features[10000].properties.LOT_NUM
  real  0m4.844s
  $ time cat citylots.json | jj -r features.10000.properties.LOT_NUM
  real  0m0.210s

  $ time cat citylots.json | jsonptr -q=/features/10000/properties/LOT_NUM
  real  0m0.040s
jsonptr's query format is RFC 6901 (JSON Pointer). More details are at https://nigeltao.github.io/blog/2020/jsonptr.html
@rektide 12d
Presumably the memory footprint is often far less too.