@hugs 12d
I would love this for French. How do you want to handle modifying the code for other languages on GitHub? A new separate project fork per language, or a pull request to the current one? Slightly problematic that "Italian" is in the top level project name if it's going to be configurable for other languages.

Also, add a tip jar somewhere so we can chip in!

@marcyb5st 12d
As a native Italian speaker I can tell you two things:

1. The translation is great. I actually never used ChatGPT for translating content and this opens a new world for me.

2. The text-to-speech is good, but less so than the translation itself. It still is completely understandable, but if you are a learner I believe it could cause some bad habits over time. For instance, at around the 30 second mark, the translation includes the word "immergervi" (immerse yourselves). The voice puts the accent on the 2nd "e", while it should be on the first one.

Anyway, great tool. And I would help to chime in for different languages (trying to improve my Spanish). Put a tip jar somewhere as others suggested :)

@KerrickStaley 12d
I would potentially pay for this in Mandarin, although I'd be wary of the quality vs human-produced sources.

I often practice by reading sites like https://cn.wsj.com/, https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad, https://cn.nytimes.com/, or https://big5.ftchinese.com/. These are all text news sites so they help with reading comprehension and grammar but not at all with listening. I'm not aware of any similar audio sources, especially not ones that use professional-level language but slow it down so it's accessible to language learners. So you'd be in a unique niche.

@ageitgey 12d
Would be really cool in Spanish!
@CamelRocketFish 12d
This is great! I didn’t see an option to slow the playback down to 0.5 as 1.0 is still fast for a beginner.
@scotty79 12d
I'd really love to hear Portuguese. What else did you do to immerse yourself in the language you are learning? I have trouble to even force youtube to give me content in Portuguese.
@user7894635 12d
Would love to hear Russian! Been working on it for awhile but similarly struggle to converse
@gus_massa 12d
Why Italian? What is Slow Italian? [Hi from Argentina!]
@mattkohl 12d
This is great!!!

Would it be possible to provide an English translation of the Italian transcription? Seeing them side by side would be enormously helpful.

@huhtenberg 12d
French! Would love to have this in French.

Between Italian, German, Spanish and French I find it's the most difficult language to parse by ear. The lack of pauses between words, the omnipresent en and y, their numerous contracted forms and generally speaking as if they are being charged by the millisecond makes it for an extremely frustrating experience sometimes.