@cashsterling 12d
It is proof that municipal internet can be awesome and is probably the way most municipalities should go over time.

For those who don't know, Longmont Colorado's Nextlight internet service provides symmetric 1Gb/sec speed for 50 USD per month and they don't spy on your traffic.

It is the most reliable residential internet service I have had to date and is more reliable than the commercial internet at my places of work in Boulder.

@thcipriani 12d
+100 Yay, Longmont!

My service has been rock solid: https://photos.tylercipriani.com/2023-05-25_next-light.png

@SplitVengeance 12d
Another longmonster here. Totally agree that NextLight is awesome. However, as someone that runs a nonprofit in town, I wish that business/nonprofit pricing was more reasonable.
@lp251 12d
a fellow longmonster!
@mplewis 12d
NextLight is a local gem!