@sverhagen 12d
Within Java, though, Quartz has ruled for years, it's aged, its website has been reorganized a few times so that half the search results end in dead links, it was time for a new contender. But my fear is that someone else takes the crown, with another business opportunity in mind, which is likely to fizzle too, and then the cycle just repeats. Another thread here was saying this is easy money, but are open source or open core or whatever companies really all that often a slam dunk?
@kernelbugs 12d
Any tips, tricks, or resources for getting started using Fargate for one-off or recurring jobs? I have terraform setup and managing AWS resources, but every time I look into Fargate it seems like guides point towards running webapps instead of diverse jobs.
@irl_chad 12d
We came to the exact same conclusion. EventBridge time triggers a Fargate task. The job automatically terminates the process after execution, so the container shuts down and all is good.