@RhodesianHunter 12d
Java frequently outperforms Go and Rust. It has a far more mature GC than Go and libraries that have no parallel in either (netty, caffeine).

Almost every company doing real time/stream processing at the scale of TB/hour or greater is doing so by relying on Apache Kafka, written in Java and Scala.

I've personally been a member of a team that wrote several services (network collectors, observability processing) in Go/Rust/JVM (we preferred Kotlin) in parallel for performance comparisons and found the JVM services to show much better throughput.

Your perspective seems quite outdated. Possibly from before Go or Rust even existed?

@agilob 12d
Here's an alternative written in Go. It can't even handle biannual time changes correctly, so I had to rewrite microservice project to Java with Quartz :) https://github.com/jasonlvhit/gocron/issues/44
@kitd 12d
Writing it in natively compiled language would produce a lean product - Rust, Go, etc.

... Java?

You can natively compile Java these days.