@lchengify 12d
I live in the area. Theoretically the West Seattle / Ballard link extensions will include stops at Seattle Center (park between the Space Needle and Climate Pledge Arena).

Shovels in the ground 2026, ETA 2037.

[1] https://www.soundtransit.org/system-expansion/west-seattle-b...

[2] https://www.soundtransit.org/system-expansion/west-seattle-b...

@manacit 12d
I live down in the south end and have taken the train + monorail more than once to a concert at Climate Pledge without issue, absolutely no issues.

The Monorail takes Orca now, and the transfer at Westlake is not bad at all. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

@balls187 12d
I regularly go to events at CPA and use public transport (which is free for anyone with a ticket to a CPA event).

Sounds like you couldn't figure it out, that's not the fault of the infrastructure, but rather bad UX for route planning. FWIW, Paris Metro (which is great) also had wonky UX, until you get the hang of it.

Anyway, take the Link Light Rail to Westlake Station. That's where you catch the Monorail to CPA. Do it in reverse at the end of your event.

@seanmcdirmid 12d
The rapid bus D line goes straight there if you live in Ballard. That will be replaced by a light rail when I’m retired. We go to Seattle center a lot, though never for the arena.

The monorail is cool, but if you have transit links in Seattle and the monorail is OOS, you can always walk that stretch pretty easily.

@tomcam 12d
Is Amazon responsible for Seattle public transit in return for naming rights or something? Not following your logic.
@_huayra_ 12d
They even added a "reverse incentive": you can park in any of the Amazon garages for free after 4pm or any time on weekends (as long as you leave by 2am, and even then the charges are pretty cheap if you blow past the deadline).
@cantaloupe 12d
Downtown Seattle’s not that big. Walking from Westlake (light rail) to Climate Pledge is 20-25 minutes, no transfer needed.
@lynx23 12d
> cheaper/easier to do so

Right, with this attitude, nothing will ever improve. Yes, infrastructure needs to be built, no question. But if "cheaper/easier to do" are the only criteria for people to decide how to act, we are doomed. Get your act together and make some sacrifice, or stop talking about climate change altogether.