@stetrain 12d
In the US they're opening a new station around once a day, each station has 8, 12, or sometimes dozens of charging stalls. They're on track to double the current network in around 5 years assuming no further acceleration in installations.


@duttonw 12d
There is big $$$ in the charger network in huge handouts from federal government in USA. This will just accelerate the number of chargers being brought online for tesla. Also note that Tesla can still skew the utlliization so that other brands are not notified of available slots at super busy locations.
@acchow 12d
Tesla can probably make more profit long term from selling energy than their cars. Otherwise they would DRM the charger network (easy to do since their vehicles are internet-connected)
@msh 12d
In my country (denmark) Tesla have opened up most of their chargers to other brands, I have not see any negative effects.
@jsight 11d
In some areas, Tesla has had issues getting sites to partner with them, due to the exclusivity. Having more manufacturers onboard helps them to get more site hosts onboard.

Its probably a net benefit for them, given how quickly they are willing to roll out sites when suitable options are available to them.

@electrondood 11d
Software automatically routes you to the least busy local supercharger, and they're engaged in massive (further) expansion of superchargers.