@stetrain 12d
If every residential and office parking lot had level 2 AC chargers (much cheaper than level 3 DC fast chargers) at every spot, that would cover most charging needs.

Adding slow chargers at places people aren't going to spend hours seems mostly pointless.

Building DC fast chargers along travel routes or in places people might spend 30-45min in their weekly routine (grocery stores etc.) makes sense too, but these are also more expensive to install and operate.

@kcb 12d
Level 2 AC charging probably. Level 3 DC 100KW+ fast charging probably not. Fast charging requires quite a bit of high power electronics to convert that grid power into DC. That's why for Tesla Superchargers, the real guts are in big cabinets off to the side.
@thrill 12d
Absolutely. Eventually we'll have magnetic chargers under every parking space.