@frumper 12d
We need a standard, but why CCS and not the Tesla one? One of those plugs has a network of great chargers, the other does not.
@KerrAvon 12d
I’m not an EV owner yet, but CCS looks like a monstrosity compared to NACS.
@stetrain 12d
NACS is the Tesla physical connector, plus a new 1000V capable revision, using the CCS communication and billing protocols.
@wilg 12d
I mean either one would be fine when the transition is done, since they’re both now open standards.
@pmorici 12d
CCS is inferior it’s a huge clunky connector with no performance benefit over NACS.
@WorldMaker 11d
They renamed it that when they pushed into the IEC standards process (the same standards body in charge of CCS standards), so it isn't entirely doublespeak, but a clear sign of intent for the standard.
@rchowe 12d
I like that the Tesla connector is smaller than J1772 or CCS. Since DC fast charging is still a pretty new technology, if companies were required to defer to a standard we would still have giant CHAdeMO connectors.

I don't think we should be surprised that the company that brought us "Autopilot" chose to market its proprietary connector as the "North American Charging Standard". Marketing-wise, I think the name is pretty good, though it is cringe-worthy revisionist doublespeak.