@stetrain 12d
Tesla is opening new Supercharger stations in the US, each with 8, 12, or even dozens of connectors, at a rate of around 1 stations per day:


At this rate they'll double the existing number of stations in ~5 years.

I have driven thousands of miles around the east coast and have waited in a line once around 3 years ago.

@makeitdouble 12d
> Complete mistake by Tesla.

Another way to spell "fuck the people, why should their life get better ?"

Half joking aside, supercharger usage might save Tesla if their vehicles stop selling well enough a few years down the road. People's taste come and go, infra will always be needed.

@impulser_ 12d
I don't think this is a mistake for Tesla. They probably know that the next few years competition is going to get tough for their cars. Everyone is moving to EV.

So how can you make money on this? Be the one providing all them the energy and charging infrastructure. It's a better business than the car themselves and are likely to have less competition due to the fact that car companies aren't going to want to build out the infrastructure themselves.

They still keep a competitive advantage by having their cars have faster charge times due to having the latest charging tech.

@clouddrover 12d
In Europe you can go ahead and charge your BMW i4 on a Tesla charger. Europe wisely set a common charging standard:


Incompatible charging infrastructure is a profoundly stupid outcome. All brands of charger must charge all brands of EVs.

It's a mistake to support closed infrastructure. Demand more and better.

@samcheng 12d
I remember being worried when Tesla released the Model 3 with a pay-per-kWh scheme. Was that one supercharger by the mall on the way to Tahoe going to be full all the time? Are all of these mass-market sedans going to make me wait?

That did happen a little bit at a few legacy superchargers, but that minor inconvenience was outweighed by the sheer preponderance of additional superchargers built, everywhere. Instead of worrying about the sole charger being full, I can look on the map, and choose among several nearby chargers, each with reasonable meal options.

I hope this happens with Ford. More cars should increase demand for stations, and additional stations increase convenience for everyone.

@cavisne 12d
The situation is even worse as the cable length on the supercharger and the port placement on non Tesla evs means every non Tesla blocks 2 chargers.

Hopefully something ford sorts out when they embed the port in 2025.

@lettergram 12d
Why? You already bought the car lol. This is Ford paying Tesla to enable their car use as well. Those stations probably just became some percentage more profitable
@seanmcdirmid 12d
> The supercharger network is one of the reasons why I stayed with Tesla instead of getting the BMW i4.

I still got the i4, CCS coverage is good enough, but ya, superchargers are pretty common on longer trips. I'm going to do my first roadtrip tomorrow (up to BC for a short holiday), hopefully Electrify America in Bellingham is open without much of a wait.

@electrondood 11d
This won't take effect until 2024, Tesla are massively expanding their already massive supercharger network, and the software routes you to the least-busy charger.

This is a huge win for Tesla. They own the "gas stations."

@jackmott42 12d
Seems like you are assuming this deal doesn't include investment from Ford to build more stalls.

People are always spreading FUD about Supercharger congestion but the number of superchargers is always increasing at the same time.