@stetrain 12d
Tesla also actually bothered to put out an actual standard in NACS with spec sheets, 1000V compatibility, and using CCS communication and billing protocols.

The previous "offer" was a patent sharing agreement that I really doubt any major automaker would accept and find themselves beholden to Tesla for their charging connector in perpetuity.

Nobody has forced Tesla to do anything. They don't have to open up anything if they don't want to bid for the public funds for building EV chargers along interstates.

@conk 12d
Other car manufacturers told tesla to pound sand because the conditions of using any of the “open” tesla patents meant you had to forfeit any patent claims against tesla. Which isn’t really sharing your patents, it’s just a negotiation/PR stunt.
@KerrAvon 12d
Congress didn’t compel this. They passed tax incentives to make it desirable.
@jahewson 12d
I have a non-Tesla EV and the Ford and Rivian trucks that have now hit the market have ruined public charging. As you say, they hog the space for literally hours when everyone else needs 20mins. I finally gave in and purchased a home charger despite still having a special deal on free public charging.
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@Tagbert 11d
You might also end up waiting for a Cybertruck to charge.