@latchkey 12d
> Nothing will go wrong though of course!

At this point, I'm willing to give the Ethereum developers the benefit of the doubt.

They've really knocked some major features out of the park over the last few years. Namely, they switched the entire consensus model out, while the plane was flying full of people and that went off pretty much without a hitch.

Don't forget that this also had the side effect of significantly cutting power usage not only for ETH, but also for every single other GPU mined PoW chain out there.

So yea... they made something creative out of the process of the next round of improvements, and invited you to join. Seems cool to me.

@mptest 12d
I haven't kept up with the space in some time but if this is what I'm remembering, all that's needed is one participant in the ceremony to keep their secret forever/"lose" it for the security to be guaranteed. That's why as many participants as possible is a good thing.

all that said I'm a student/layman and not an expert in anything