@varrock 10d
> The other thing that drove me nuts is lack of care for low-res (aka full HD) displays, where rounding and thin borders leads to visible artifacts in common controls. A designer who uses high-end mac devices will never see these things. UI/UC Design isn’t meant for museums, it needs to be built in dialog with the real world application.

I can't quite picture what you're describing, but I'm curious. Do you have any references to this somewhere?

@whywhywhywhy 12d
There’s the same lack of care for high dpi screens too. High dpi laptops will often have random controls at double size with external 1x displays. Looks ridiculous and is difficult to use.
@eviks 12d
He'd see those things if he paid any attention to user feedback, those have screenshots (though admittedly it's still be a bit too late of a notice)