@what-the-grump 4d
Because the market for a sedan is drying up. People are looking for SUVs and people like me who we’re looking for an SUV in 2023, found themselves staring at 40-44k price tag for the same thing we got 4 years ago, for 31-33k. So after EV tax credit a model y is literally a no brainer.

It’s so ridiculous that I didn’t bother looking at Tesla at all in 2022. You are going to get out of your CRV, CX5, RAV4, Highlander, and straight into a model Y and it will feel like you went from a flip phone to an iPhone.

@wilg 4d
Easy, crossovers are just more popular. Slightly bigger and a hatchback. Much more practical.
@argonaut 4d
Because Tesla is pushing the Model Y with their pricing (presumably because margins are better). The Model Y Long Range is $500 cheaper than the Model 3 Long Range after tax credits. The base Model Y is only $3.5k more expensive than the Model 3, after tax credits.

For many months you couldn't even order a Model 3 Long Range, your only option was a Model Y Long Range.

@photonbeam 4d
The trunk opening on the 3 is very small compared to Y
@slaw 4d
Model 3 interior is very small.