@kps 12d
You can probably have the name back for that problem.

The Stack Overflow XY problem and resulting XY problem problem are different:

1. Someone is assigned to accomplish task Y

2. … within an established project based on facility X.

3. There is a sub-task of Y, say Z, for which X is ill-suited.

4. They come into the group and ask ‘how can I use X to accomplish Z?’

with responses that amount to ‘get a different job.’

@Dan42 11d
The "chocolate covered bananas and European currency systems problem" is certainly more accurate, but in terms of naming things, it's automatically disqualified because it's way too long to be usable in any context. So the "XY problem" wins by default. Maybe if you had titled it the "CCB-ECS problem" it would have caught on. Or something less abstract and chocolatey. Naming things sure is hard.
@pishpash 12d