@RockRobotRock 12d
"Please don't complain about tangential annoyances—e.g. article or website formats, name collisions, or back-button breakage. They're too common to be interesting."
@x-complexity 12d
> > You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

> What app? Why don’t folks do the bare minimum in their <noscript> elements to actually describe what it is that I’m missing out on.

Javascript is needed in order to generate random entropy client-side. This specific interface requires mouse movement, a secret phrase, & randomly generated entropy from the client itself.

@eimrine 12d
I ran the app and I see some countdown timer with 51 hours left which proposes me to do something I am struggling to understand. Also it has some plain-text faq but you know, nobody is storing just a plain text and it was made in such a way that every point is spoilered. There is indeed no reason to disallow seeing the faq for no-javascript users.

upd: I have discovered a link to off-the-app documentation: https://github.com/ethereum/kzg-ceremony