@fardo 12d
With $279 million, one would hope the recipient would have the inclination to throw together whatever security they felt necessary.

Money makes a lot of problems go away - with this kind of money, one could buy a Hawaiian 10-20 million dollar home in a gated luxury community where access is gated and staff routinely patrol, pay the fully loaded cost of two 100$/hr personal armed guards for a 24/7 security detail ($876,800 per year each), and still have something like 100 million to spend on whatever you want before you die.

If you’re a jilted businessman, sure, maybe you’re still willing to try something insane like hiring assassins or trying to get control of your security staff out of pure spite, but frankly, for every individual at the company besides perhaps the largest shareholders (who are actually the most risk-adverse people with regard to the danger of such a plan becoming public), it’s not actually their money and they’d rather just move on because it doesn’t affect their paycheck.