@brianwawok 11d
0 lines in the Midwest. Have 50k miles on my Tesla and literally had to wait 1 time to charge while visiting FL.

They can for sure build up Cali and catch up to demand. It’s a solvable problem. The fact they just work is so huge.

@andruby 11d
More users of the chargers β†’ more revenue for Tesla β†’ more superchargers in more locations β†’ less waiting time

moreover, in the EU non-Tesla's pay a higher price per kWh, I assume this is the same in the US? This would give Tesla even more resources to expand faster.

Tesla superchargers are a lot more reliable and easier to use than the alternative fast-chargers. So I'm happy that they opened up and will expand faster.

@jsight 11d
Not a big issue, tbh. Tesla is expanding their footprint faster than the rest of the industry combined. When they have capacity issues, they fix them, sometimes with really incredible speed.

Meanwhile, we've got states saying that they will deploy their first NEVI installations late next year. But the lines at CCS stations already exist!