@digitcatphd 11d
In my opinion, this isn't an end product in itself, but rather a demonstration that the chain of thought can be altered with greater flexibility than ChatGPT and take on human-like actions without reliance on APIs or ChatGPT Plugins.

Does this have use cases now? No, it's far too buggy. However, the concept of this with refined and/or default chain of thought logic and better managing control over the sequence, it can do anything.

(E.g. Find me some good real estate investment properties in the San Francisco area and send a message to the seller's agent to schedule a meeting on my calendar) <> References internal data set of my investment criteria from long-term memory and prior responses, Browses MLS, Find Broker Email, Sends, Syncs with my Calendar.

@dbecker 11d
I've tried AutoGPT agents about 10 times for tasks that seem like they'd be a good fit. That meaning they need to scrape current data, but otherwise they'd be possible for a person willing to put in some time to combine data sources.

An example is "create a table showing the current ratio of rental/sales prices (on a per square foot basis) for residential properties in the 10 most populated counties in Colorado."

I'm still yet to get a reasonable result from trying this.

@UniverseHacker 11d
You need gpt4 api access, and hardly anyone has been able to get that. Otherwise it will run on gpt 3, which isn’t able to function in this role. It’s hard to say how well it might work with very little info.
@relativeadv 11d
In my own farting around with AutoGPT (which was quite a lot), what stuck out to me most was that the agents wouldn't rely on their own "knowledge" for tasks hardly ever. They would always default to browsing the internet for trivial questions and so it would take a good 10 minutes to arrive at a conclusion ChatGPT would've gotten in one-shot.