@uLogMicheal 11d
I had a GI tell me every time I visited him that stress has zero connection to the manifestation of my Crohn's symptoms. Yet here I am; years later, I'm off all the meds they prescribed and 95% of my days are symptom free through keto dieting and yoga to manage the stress. The stress of the corporate world was literally killing me, I do much better working on startups - a different kind of stress.
@joker_minmax 11d
Agree. A lot of people talking about cures here (and a lot of pseudoscience), but not a lot of people exploring the societal psychological aspect. I've noticed a lot of people, especially younger people in America, creating their identity entirely around consuming things that are short-lived trends. It really leaves people empty once the tide goes the other way. It's like systemic insecurity. I'm wondering how fostering more concreteness in our culture (as well as workplace structure changes) could help with this, but I have no idea how to approach it from the ground up.