Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game




bdg 12d
Whenever sites like this pop up, the really valuable thing to me is finding a book that's a synthesis of two topics. I can find many specific books with code examples here for things like financial maths, portfolio management, etc.
opnitro 12d
Seeing Data-Centric Introduction to Computing (https://dcic-world.org)

It's written by Shriram Krishnamurthi, who is a really interesting researcher who cares quite a lot about CS education.

meigwilym 12d
> In other words, this site DOES NOT contain any actual content of the books or lecture notes listed in this site.

> Therefore, this website is as legal as search results of any search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

It's worth pointing out that this site may link to copyrighted material.

b800h 12d
If this is just a link to a bunch of PDFs, then presumably PDF malware is an issue here. I would have thought computer books would be a fine vector to choose if you were trying to compromise websites and business systems.
PerryTheWIzz 12d
Is there any comparable resource that also (explicitly) includes copyrighted material? I believe a curated list containing the "cream of the crop" of a specific domain would be an excellent resource for anyone starting out.
falcor84 12d
There's also freetechbooks.com , which is a database of links to actually Freely available / Open Access books , which includes the license information.
lr1970 12d
I checked the OP link. Clicking on any category pops up an ad that needs to be explicitly "closed". It happens again and again as you navigate through the site. Annoying like hell.
andai 12d
What a cool website. Quite surreal to see fresh content presented in a mid-2000s style!
Ptchd 12d
See this for 24TB of books: http://pilimi.org/zlib-downloads.html
D4ckard 11d
Content littered with ads can not be considered free. The difference from traditionally paid content is that customers pay with their attention and virtual purchasing power instead of spending money directly.

Nonetheless ads obviously allow access for all.

underlines 11d
I prefer libgen for free computer books :)