michalu about 2 hours ago

Ask HN: Slow thinkers, how do you compensate for your lack of quick-wittedness?

Slow thinking HN members, what are some strategies you've use to overcome and compensate for the lack of quick thinking.

E.g. I found I'm great at analysis or putting together elaborate argument but if I'm in a situation where I need to make a quick decision or get in actual argument I lose all of that capacity and usually drop to the level of IQ 85 if I/m to be judged by the outcomes. Nevertheless a slow thinker does have that potential there he's jut not able to tap into it if he falls into my category. In martial arts, rehearsing overcomes a lot of that - what has worked in real life for you?

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velyan 1 day ago

Ask HN: How do you learn and research every day?

I personally struggle with resource overwhelm sometimes…

How often do you research to get insights, deeper knowledge or validate a hypothesis? How do you research and learn? What are your favourite tools and what are you biggest pain points?

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ashu1461 about 10 hours ago

Ask HN: People who switched from GPT to their own models. How was it?

How was your experience in switching from GPT to a custom model for a production use case ?

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asim about 5 hours ago

Ask HN: Who is still programming directly on a server?

So after a decade plus of doing it the right way inside companies, I felt the need for a break from all the processes and pipelines involved in shipping code. So now, on personal projects, I dump a github repo on a server, run a Go server and front it with nginx. Then I commit directly on the server. I will say that parts of me want to create a whole framework around doing it the right way, but the hacker in me is really happy to just write and ship code without all the stuff in between.

Anyone else doing this?

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msadowski about 3 hours ago

Ask HN: Small newsletter creators, how do you handle DMARC?

Hi HN!

I recently set up DMARC for my domain as recommended by the platform I use for sending out e-mails, and now I receive ~40 e-mails a week with DMARC reports. How do you handle that? Do you have some automated way of parsing these? Are there any tools with protection against zip bombs, since it seems like a trivial attack vector for anyone receiving these reports?

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tizkovatereza about 8 hours ago

Ask HN: GitHub organization was suspended from GitHub suddenly without warning

Hello everyone, I want to kindly ask for help. We are a small open-source software company.

Just now, out of nowhere, GitHub flagged and suspended our whole GitHub org for our organization without any warning.

We don't collect any user information don't do any scraping, spam, nothing.

We're a fully open source project (software company developing cloud for AI apps) and people having access to our GitHub is a vital part of our product.

Do you have any experience with this? Can it be something like competition reporting or GitHub incorrectly recognizing some kind of activity as suspicious, or some kind of attack?

Thank you for any advice!

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SamerM 2 days ago

Ask HN: Question about CTR, conversions, and validation

Hi everyone,

I'm building an e-learning website like Udemy but for Arabic speakers: https://www.nahda.io/. I built an MVP and landing page and started running targeted ads to validate and I noticed the following numbers after 5 days of advertising ($5 per day budget):

35k impressions 1.29k clicks 6 signups.

Which puts my conversion rate at 0.47% and my CTR at around 3.6%.

Does anyone here have experience with product validation that can tell me if these numbers are a sign of a bad idea/unwanted product?

Thanks and appreciate the help!

nahda.io 18 11
frannyg 1 day ago

Ask HN: Do LLMs get "better" with more processing power and or time per request?

Do they make more (recursive) queuries into their training data for breadth and depth? Or does the code limit the algorithms by design and or by constraints other than the incompleteness of the encoded semantics?

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chenster about 20 hours ago

Ask HN: Purchasing real estate property doesn't seem to make financial sense

Simple math:

Suppose I purchase a home for $1 million, with a 20% down payment and a 30-year mortgage term.

    Interest rate = 5%
    Property tax = 1%
    Maintenance = 1%
    = Total annual ownership costs of 7%
Over the 30-year ownership period:

    Average annual home appreciation in America is 5%
    Annual inflation rate is 3%
    = Net annual gain of 2%
These figures are approximate, and in reality, interest rates and inflation tend to be higher.

Problem #1: Tax & Maintenance

Over 30 years, one would end up be paying over $1 million just in interest and taxes, not including other expenses like maintenance & insurance.

Even if the house is fully paid off, the 1% property tax plus 1% maintenance offset the 2% annual gain, resulting in a nearly break-even scenario. Given the current inflation rate (roughly 7%), owning real estate may not be profitable.

Problem #2: Capital Gain Tax & Costs to Sell

Also, remember there are capital gains taxes for profits over $500,000 upon selling the house, and closing costs typically amount to 5%-6%.

Problem #3: Inflation

After 30 years, the property value would appreciate to about $4.3 million. Looking good? Not so fast! By taking inflation into account, that $4.3 million is roughly just $1.9 million of 30 years ago, so the net profit is -$100,000.


Adding the costs of maintenance approximately 1-2% annually over 30 years, the total expenses would likely reach around $400,000. This brings the overall profit to -$500,000 after three decades of homeownership. Not a favorable outcome.

In my opinion, tax benefits are minimal (with a maximum annual deductible of $10,000), and the capital gains tax on $2.8 million would be roughly $850,000 (including federal and state taxes), resulting in a total profit of -$1,350,000.

Nonetheless, why would anyone choose to invest in something that could potentially incur losses of up to $1.3 million over 30 years?

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maara 2 days ago

Ask HN: Best Books for Modern Computer Networks

Seeking book recommendations to explore the basics and delve deeply into DNS, BGP, and their integration within cloud environments. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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faanghacker about 15 hours ago

Ask HN: Why do people care about Satoshi Nakamoto's identity?

Why is this even a thing, people wondering about who Satoshi really is? What good would it do for the rest of us to find out his real identity? Bitcoin has already taken off without him publicly revealing himself. There are plenty of cryptocurrency experts out there commenting on it.

Is this just a case of celebrity worship? Or is there something practical that I'm missing?

I have searched this question online and haven't found any threads discussing it. The only results I've found were threads discussing whom he might be, or why he might have chosen to stay anonymous.

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julienreszka 2 days ago

Ask HN: An Open Standard for App Distribution: Beating Apple and Google Duopoly?

Do you believe there is a place for this kind of standard and if so why hasn't it been done before?

I know people like Tim Sweeney, Daniel Ek and David Heinemeier Hansson have been vocal about the current state of affairs and have seeked help from regulators to get antitrust laws passed. It did have some mild successes.

Maybe making an open standard would yield better results?

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wannacboatmovie 1 day ago

Ask HN: Is it unethical to reverse engineer GPL violating software to create OSS

Question in title, situation is you have identified a GPL violation for which the authors refuse to comply and release source.

The authors reside in a country which is known for its rampant violations and theft of intellectual property.

Is it equally unethical to reverse engineer their modified software and release it as open source? Two wrongs don't make a right etc.

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santiagobasulto about 21 hours ago

Tell HN: Google search no longer supports filetype

Bummer, I used it a lot. The "view cached" option seems to be missing as well.

Duck Duck Go still support filetype.

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Exorust 3 days ago

Ask HN: Anyone use a code to mindmap/flowchart tool?

Is there any really good code to mindmap tool? So that it can take a large codebase and split it into a mindmap?

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ismailsevik 1 day ago

What do you expect from personal blogs?

That I'm wondering: What do personal blogs/websites need? Originality? Minimalism? Design diversity? Social media?

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vpnfreak 2 days ago

Had a intro meeting with a VC, need advice

Hey everyone,

I recently had a meeting with a venture capitalist who mentioned that he would be presenting my startup at their Monday meeting. To my surprise, he also reached out to me personally, adding me on social media. From your experience, do these actions indicate a good sign? I’m feeling pretty anxious and would love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience or insights on what this could mean. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

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luckman212 3 days ago

Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that—macOS 14.4 deems us unfit to kickstart

Anyone who's been working with macOS (OS X) for a while is probably familiar with the Terminal command to control launchd Agents and Daemons (launchctl).

I was saddened after installing macOS Sonoma 14.4 that it's apparently been decided that users are unqualified to control these daemons.

A simple example: to fix all sorts of random audio issues, it used to be possible to restart coreaudiod with:

    sudo launchctl kickstart -kp system/com.apple.audio.coreaudiod
But that command now returns:

    Could not kickstart service "com.apple.audio.coreaudiod": 1: Operation not permitted
I've reported this to Apple via FB13601345. So far I've not received any response.

[0] https://gist.github.com/felipecsl/5177790

[1] https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/187983/sudo-killall-coreaudiod-made-it-so-i-dont-have-any-sound-at-all

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ilyaovchinnikov 1 day ago

Ask HN: How to Overcome the Trough of Sorrow?

Hi friends, I've been making attempts for over 4 years now to make money from my pet-project and finally leave my job and never think of it again. I do small saas and. online projects (sites under amazon).

But I am saddened by the fact that I invest hundreds, thousands of hours of my personal time, spent 5 000$ on testing, experiments with advertising, quit my job, worked fulltime for the last year - and still still never managed to earn. My result is only $200. Heck, in all 4 years. I want to live this life, to see the beauty of the world - but instead I spend my life working hard and trying to pluck a star from the sky. I want to finally live this life. To be free.

I have a question for the community? Where do you find the strength to keep going? What keeps you going and energizes you? I'm tired of trying, the work seems endless. I am grateful for everyone's advice.

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subharmonicon about 15 hours ago

Ask HN: Why do recommender systems not seem good?

I personally find recommender systems on platforms that I am on to be very poor.

I would expect with all the effort that has gone into these, and all the progress in machine learning, these systems would be fantastic and provide recommendations that I really enjoy. But they don’t.

YouTube seems to have a massive recency bias and music, film, and TV recommendations rarely end up being things I enjoy.

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sam345 3 days ago

Ask HN: Why is senior care so expensive?

For example a dementia patient might pay $11,000 a month in the US for memory care. Staff members are very sparse maybe five people on the floor at any given time serving say 20 clients. Staff members may be making $50,000 a year. Medical Care is minimal it's all almost manual labor ADLs (activities of daily living) washing them bathing, dressing, feeding, behavioral redirection,etc. Staff complains that they don't have enough people to do one-on-one care which dementia patients often require. But with that kind of funding they could probably afford it at least a two to one ratio. Even given overhead which is minimal real estate cost and that's about it. We are not talking ICU or even general hospital care we are talking about ADLs for the most part. Please no complaints about greedy insurance companies etc. greedy insurance companies should want lower cost too plus long term senior care is normally funded mainly by patient themselves as I understand it. I am truly interested in the economics. Surely if it could be done cheaper people would do it to compete.

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lostmsu 4 days ago

Tell HN: Mail app on Windows forces Outlook

Today when I launched Mail app on Windows, it force-installed Outlook and closed itself.

Outlook won't show my Google Calendar without me letting them sync my Google stuff to Microsoft Cloud.


P.S. some search tells me this is rolling out in tiers, as some people got this before

P.P.S. Uninstalling Outlook and opening Mail several times got it working (the first 2 times it just closed itself)

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profwalkstr 3 days ago

Ask HN: Why hasn't OnlyOffice see higher adoption than LibreOffice?

OnlyOffice is a free and open-source (AGPL license) office suite that seems more polished and easier to use than LibreOffice. LibreOffice, compared to OnlyOffice, feels clunky, harder to use and dated.

Why hasn't it seem more adoption compared to LibreOffice, especially by Linux distros?

Why is LibreOffice favored over OnlyOffice?

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nvahalik 1 day ago

Ask HN: Who is using 1Password for secret management?

I just recently discovered that 1Password has a cli and support for replacing GitHub secret management.

Is anyone using it? Are there any caveats? Service account or proxy setup? Which is best?

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speedylight 1 day ago

Ask HN: How come pass-by-reference is not the default in C++?

I recently learned the concept of pass-by-reference where instead of copying data into a function’s parameter, you simply give it the address of where the variable being passed is located in memory.

In C++ you have to explicitly define that you want to pass by reference instead of value. Would it not be more efficient to use pass by reference by default since you’re not duplicating data in memory potentially for no real reason?

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seagreen 1 day ago

Latency of old school landline calls vs. modern video calls?

I've heard old school POTS calls were lower latency, but haven't been able to find reliable numbers on this.

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leobg 1 day ago

Tell HN: Amazon claims "Zero tolerance for fake reviews"

Noticed this for the first time today on Amazon.de:

> Zero Tolerance for Fake Reviews > Our goal is to ensure that every review is trustworthy and useful. For this reason, we use both technology and human investigators to block fake reviews before customers ever see them. > We lock Amazon accounts that violate our community guidelines. We also block sellers who purchase reviews and take legal action against parties that offer these reviews. Learn how you can report. [0]

[0] https://www.amazon.de/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GLHXEX85MENUE4XF

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arromatic 2 days ago

What is preventing Bing or Google to copy the techniques marginalia or kagi uses

Both google and bing seems to be having a hard time to serve good results especially bing so what are they doing ?

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atommachinist 1 day ago

Ask HN: What do I do with my side projects?

I’m trying to decide what I should do with my side projects as I find a job related to my degree. I could release some of them as open source and ask for donations, or release them as closed source and sell a license. I have invested a lot of time into them and am hoping to make at least a little revenue from them.

Even if I don’t make any revenue, I think they will help me stand out in the job market. I think some of them would be a better fit for open source than others. Most of them would probably be more useful to power users than general users. I would be a little upset with myself if I give them away and get nothing when there is a chance to make some income.

Either way, I’ve heard that marketing is important. Now that they are mostly done, this will probably be what I work on next. For some advice, I've been in contact with a successful independent developer. They attribute their success to hard work, and a large portion to luck and timing.

If you also have any personal experience with side projects you can share that might relate to my situation I would appreciate it. Did you release the project as open source or closed? What went well? What mistakes did you make? Etc.

Some more background information for those interested. There are a few bigger projects that I have worked on. The first is a goal management app with a focus on habit creation that uses the Beeminder API. The next is a tool to help learn more advanced keyboard shortcuts. A couple are related to window management and window switching, sort of an alt tab enhancement. One is educational content for having a better relationship with your screen based devices.

I graduated from college close to four years ago. After I graduated I was struggling to find a job related to my degree (Applied Computing Technology) so I took on a job to get by and I started to work on my side projects more. Before I knew I it I was working on them a lot. It has gotten to the point where I have finished most the major work on them. I want to do something with at least a couple of them as I get more serious about applying for jobs related to my degree again.

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Borg3 2 days ago

Why mechanical keyboards are so junky?

Im currently using cheap mechanical keyboard with Gateron Yellow pro switches. Typing/Gaming experience is great.. But, there are problems. First, this keyboard have HW or FW issue, when sometimes it feeds bad scan codes (mostly WinKey). Second, after a year of usage I noticed that it gets worse, and sometimes it doesnt register keypress (mostly A) or there is delay.

So, I was slowly started to looking for replacement and holy moly, its hard. I reading reviews of pretty expensive (for me) keyboards where people complain about input lag or double chatter. They shuffle different firmwares to elimante one or other.

What the HELL is going on? I used cheap membrane keyboards for entire life and it was okey. Yeah, they got used kinda quickly, 1-2 years and you had to replace them (before replacement, you could open up keyboard and shuffle membranes around to buy some life). And it was ok, keyboards were dirty cheap and failure was more like keys become soft, not that it didnt register anything or double chatter.

Im seriously considering going back to cheap keyboards now. Its unbelivable that such a simple product cannot be made solid, even buying pretty expensive keyboards. It seems like a scam, there everywhere super cheap components are used and they just sell brand.

Any comments apreciated. I currently got used to ANSI keyboards, but earlier I used Big Ass Enter keyboards for life. Those are, for some reason much harder to get now. ISO layout is no no for me, I tried it and after 3 weeks I still could NOT get used to it.

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