Patterns (YC S21) is hiring to automate analytics with LLMs
cstanley 2 days ago

Patterns (YC S21) is hiring to automate analytics with LLMs 0 0
Emerge (YC W21) is hiring a growth engineer (remote)
jshchnz 3 days ago

Emerge (YC W21) is hiring a growth engineer (remote) 0 0
davidchl 3 days ago

GoGoGrandparent (YC S16) is hiring senior/staff back end and lead engineers

About us: We're a digital caregiver that helps older & disabled adults avoid retirement communities and age well in their own homes. We tailor on demand APIs from companies like Uber and Instacart to the needs of people living with cognitive, visual, mobility and dexterity impairments. We're operating profitably with millions in revenue and growing quickly. Our company is remote first. Total engineering headcount, including this position, is eight.

The positions: FULLY REMOTE | Full-time | US, UK, or able to work 4+ hours overlap with mainland US (UK time working hours also OK) | $100k to $160k (partially location-dependent)

Build high-quality, robust engineering at the rarest of things - a Silicon Valley startup that is both wholesome AND profitable. We have 8-figure revenue, are YC-backed, and growing fast.

Tech stack (required): Back-end heavy (Node, Typescript, MySQL, REST*+GraphQL), front-end (Vue), deploy (AWS, Docker/K8s)

Minimum 6 years experience (mostly Node). If full-stack, you must be strongest on the backend. If applying for lead engineer, must have leadership experience.

2-stage interview process.

If you want to help older adults and people with disabilities, send your LinkedIn/CV to (keep it brief) or apply at

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Glass Health (YC W23) is hiring across multiple engineering roles
grahamrr 4 days ago

Glass Health (YC W23) is hiring across multiple engineering roles 0 0
arimalik95 4 days ago

Salient (YC W23) Is Hiring 0 0
abelsm 4 days ago

FlutterFlow (YC W21) Is Hiring

We're looking for people who are passionate about ML and DevTools and can get behind our mission: to help the world build great products.

FlutterFlow ( is a visual application development platform that allows product teams to execute faster than ever before. We're just scratching the surface of what's possible – for example, the following app was built by someone on our team in a matter of days.

If you find unreasonable excitement in:

- learning/growing and becoming more productive. - working on statistical reasoning / Math / Physics / algorithms problems. - training models / writing code / building things.

Nice to haves: - PS5 development experience.

Then we'd be thrilled to have you on the team.

At a high level, you'll be working on applying AI towards our purpose: democratizing application development. Reach out for more info.

Both of us, cofounders, spent most of our careers at Google doing Applied ML and we believe AI is going to tremendously impact all aspects of our lives.

On the engineering side overall, we're lucky to have an incredibly talented team members who are passionate about our purpose. To help people all over the world bring their dreams and ideas to life as great products.

Apply here:

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kanjun 5 days ago

Imbue (Formerly Generally Intelligent) (YC S17) Is Hiring an Engineering Manager

Imbue (F.K.A. Generally Intelligent) is an AI research company working directly on building human-level general machine intelligence that can learn naturally in the way humans do. Our mission is to understand the fundamentals of learning and build safe, humane machine intelligence. Here are our open roles:

Machine Learning Engineer (SF or Remote, Contract or Full-time):

Research Scientist (SF, Full-time):

Machine Learning Research Engineer (SF, Full-time):

Systems Engineer (Remote or SF, Full-time):

Technical Lead Manager (SF, Full-time):

Infrastructure Engineer (Remote or SF, Full-time):

Senior Software Engineer (Remote or SF, Full-time):

Engineering Manager (SF, Full-time):

Founding Product Engineer (SF, Full-time):

Head of Data Engineering (SF, Full-time):

Software Engineer, Data (SF, Full-time):

Technical Interviewer (Remote or SF, Full-time/Contract):

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apetuskey 5 days ago

Reflex (YC W23) is hiring SWEs to work on open-source Python web apps

Reflex is an open-source framework to build web apps in pure Python and deploy them with a single command.

More info here:

About the job: We’re looking for an SF/Bay Area-based full-stack engineer comfortable working on a very early product in a quickly changing codebase and role. This role will involve leading the development of our user-facing applications and contributing to our open-source framework.

Responsibilities: -Led the design and development of our user-facing websites - including our hosting service and our upcoming app-generation platform. -Contribute to the Reflex and our other open-source projects. Design and implement new features and ensure that Reflex is well-tested and maintained. -Take an active role in the Reflex community by seeking feedback, integrating contributions, and fostering positive and collaborative relationships. -Write clean, maintainable, and scalable code.

Apply Here:

Other Open Roles:

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kevinslin 5 days ago

Nimbus (YC W21, Observability Optimization) Is Hiring a Founding Engineer 0 0
eserra 5 days ago

Stepful (YC S21) is hiring a product engineer in New York 0 0
tydunn 6 days ago

Continue (YC S23) is hiring a founding engineer in San Francisco 0 0
Motion (YC W20) Is Hiring Front End Engineers
ethanyu94 6 days ago

Motion (YC W20) Is Hiring Front End Engineers 0 0
a24venka 7 days ago

Spine AI (YC S23) Is Hiring 0 0
snowmaker 8 days ago

About Y Combinator's software team (which is currently hiring)

Y Combinator is hiring a few people to work with us on our small software team in SF. In particular, we’re hiring a couple of people to help us build some websites we run, and also someone who’s good with infrastructure to help us keep things running.

But I thought that rather than write a regular job post about them (boring!), it would be more fun to write about the history of the YC software team and what we've been up to. YC is a somewhat unusual place to work, and I wanted to give you a flavor of what it might be like.

First off, a lot of people don't know that YC even has a software team, and for most of YC's history, we didn't. The first software YC wrote was Hacker News, and Paul Graham built and ran HN all by himself for many years.

But around 2012, a young YC Partner named Garry Tan built this website to be a private directory and forum for the founders YC had funded. He called it "Bookface" as a tongue-in-cheek joke.

Hacker News was built in Lisp (and still is), but Garry had used rails for his startup and didn't really want to learn lisp, so he built Bookface in rails. Bookface was an instant hit, but for several years after, the only people working on it were Garry Tan and a couple of other YC partners, who spent most of their time working with companies, and only really got to code on nights and weekends.

In 2015 I joined YC, and my first job on literally my first day was to try to figure out what to do with our software. By then, Bookface was getting big enough that it seemed clear to me that we needed full-time people working on it, and so we ended up finding a few key people to do that.

Now that we had a small but real team, for the first time we were able to think about doing more ambitious things. We launched a website ( to help our companies hire people, and that did well. Then we launched a website ( to turn YC's advice about startups into an online course ( A few years later, we launched a co-founder matching platform (

Along the way we built a lot of other stuff we haven't talked about publicly, like all the internal tools that run YC. We've tried to make YC scale by writing software to automate as much of our business as possible. We have software that helps us read 60K applications every year, our own Calendly-like software for scheduling the 10K+ meetings we do with founders every year, software to automate our financial and legal reporting and lots more stuff like that.

As we've launched new products, we've added one or two people per year to the team so we can work on more things in parallel. We're up to about 10 now.

When people are interviewing with us, they often ask us what the culture of the team is, and the answer is that if you've read Paul Graham's essays or watched our videos on YouTube, you already know what our culture is like. We try to operate according to the same advice we give to our startups.

We've also tried to make the YC software team as closely connected to the batch as possible, which is part of staying close to our users (who are mostly YC founders and employees). Most of us work on the third floor of the YC building, and the batch happens on the first and second floors. So if you want to join one of the famous YC batch dinners, you just walk down to the first floor.

One of the things we hoped would happen was that some of the people on the team would take what they learned from working at YC and start their own YC companies. That turned out to work - there are now 7 people who have done exactly that.

We've historically only hired a couple of people per year, but we've got a couple of roles open now. We're looking for someone to help Mark with infrastructure (see, and we're also hiring someone to work on YC's private founder community site Bookface, which is more traditional full-stack web development. It's a little hard to describe Bookface if you haven't seen it - it's like LinkedIn and Facebook and Quora rolled into one, but just for YC founders. Most YC founders use it every day.

Working at YC isn't a good fit for most people. I think it could be a good fit if you have been following YC for a while, if you are confident building web products all by yourself, if you like having a lot of responsibility and owning the development of products end-to-end, and if you like startups and have already worked on one or likely will someday. You’ll also need to live in SF or want to move here.

YC is fortunate enough to be doing very well as a business. A nice side effect of that is that we can afford to compensate everyone who works here generously, including giving people the equivalent of equity in the firm.

If you're interested, you can read a traditional job post and apply online here (, or just email me at

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kennandavison 8 days ago

Skio (YC S20) – Subscriptions for Shopify, ReCharge Migrations – Is Hiring 0 0
faisalkhalid80 8 days ago

Bits Credit Card (YC S20) Is Hiring 0 0
Gabriel_h 9 days ago

Meticulous (YC S21) is hiring to eliminate UI end-to-end tests

Hey HN!

I'm Gabriel, CEO and co-founder of [](

Meticulous is a tool which creates and maintains a suite of e2e tests that exhaustively covers your web application - without any developer intervention whatsoever. We’ve also eliminated flaky tests (really!). No flakes. The tech behind this is fascinating.

Meticulous passively records sessions and uses these to generate a comprehensive test suite.

Our customers love the product and rely on []( as the sole system for testing their frontend. Here’s what they say:

“Once you start using Meticulous, you won’t want to stop. It provides confidence without the effort of writing and maintaining tests. I love the tight feedback loop of seeing a visual confirmation of my changes, and any unwanted side effects.” - Joel, engineer at Patchwork Health

“Meticulous eliminated the need to write and maintain frontend tests across my engineering organization. One of the most exciting DevTools on the market today.” - Seth, CTO at Courier

We trust Meticulous to be the sole front-end testing system for our app. It has caught countless UI bugs and regressions without us having to write a single test. This coverage saves us time and gives us confidence to move quickly.” - Nick, engineer at WithPower

How does Meticulous tool work?

Insert a single line of JavaScript onto your site, and we record thousands of real user sessions. We then replay these sessions on head and base commits of PRs, take screenshots at key points, and diff those screenshots to catch regressions before they hit production. It catches logical, behavioral and visual issues. We employ novel techniques to eliminate flakes. You can watch a 60-second demo at [](

What’s our team like?

We are a London-based YC company. Our engineering team previously worked at Dropbox, Opendoor, Palantir, GitHub and Google, and have previously led 100+ engineer organizations at these companies. We are backed by some of the best founders and technical leaders in Silicon Valley, including Guillermo Rauch (founder Vercel, author next.js), Jason Warner (CTO GitHub), Scott Belsky (CPO Adobe), Calvin French-Owen (founder Segment), Jared Friedman (YC partner and former CTO of Scribd) and a bunch of other incredible folks.

Catching visual regressions is just the start. There is an entire category of products to build on top of replay. This ranges from catching exceptions to revealing the performance impact of frontend code.

We want to change the way the world develops software, and influence software approaches for decades to come.

We are seeding a London office and hiring an onsite founding engineer to join our team of six. We sponsor visas.

You will have autonomy in building out this technology, but here are a few problems you might work on:

- Build a distributed system to concurrently replay thousands of sessions, such that a developer gets a result in seconds. - Speed up the replay of sessions in a way that retains determinism. - Derive algorithms to detect sessions that cover differing code paths and edge cases, and ignore sessions that are too similar. - Help build out a team of world-class, highly collaborative, software engineers.

As founding engineer, you get to shape the company, and build the culture and technology from the ground up.

What we look for:

In a sentence: Technically brilliant, delightful to work with, combined with a self-awareness and strong desire to improve. We also want to make sure everyone is highly supportive of each other; we win as a team.

We're currently only looking to bring on folks with senior level skill sets and 5+ years of industry experience. You should have strong web fundamentals and a deep love for software engineering. Maybe you enjoy programming books like Clean Code, Designing Data Intensive Applications, Pragmatic Programmer etc. or enjoy hacking on interesting side projects. You value transparency and candid feedback, and are motivated by a strong desire to become the best engineer you can be.

You can read about our values [here](

You will be given the space and time to up-level yourself as an engineer in terms of conferences, reading, or whatever you think will be most valuable. We will also set you up with mentorship, if you desire it, from top engineering leaders (folks running 100-engineer organizations at the world's leading tech companies).

You’ll get to work alongside some of the best engineers there are, break new ground solving truly novel CS problems and deliver something that transforms how software is built.

If this sounds interesting, please reach out to me at gabe [at] meticulous [dot] ai with “HN” in the subject line and 2-3 sentences about what you find interesting about Meticulous and your resume/LinkedIn/GitHub.

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justicz 10 days ago

Charge Robotics (YC S21) is hiring SWEs to work on robots that build solar farms 0 0
Finley (YC W21) is a fintech hiring software engineers (US remote)
festinalente 12 days ago

Finley (YC W21) is a fintech hiring software engineers (US remote) 0 0
rich-cartwright 12 days ago

Fella Health (YC W20) Is Hiring 0 0
ea016 12 days ago

PhotoRoom (YC S20) Is Hiring an API Designer in Paris (Node, Rust)

(Photoroom's CTO here)

TL;DR; We're looking for a seasoned engineer who has experience building easy-to-use public web APIs with Node.js

Our goal: allow anyone to edit images by typing an URL. Think of it as Photoroom-in-a-box, where the interface is an URL

For instance, you can call: and get your edited image back. (here it's missing an API key)

The first version is live, but there's so much we want to build: text editing, new AI capabilities ("turn that t-shirt from red to blue") and so much more

About you: our main requirement is that you have a track record of to use and scalable.

Our stack: Node 18 deployed on a serverless stack. Ideally you'd have a lot of experience in Node/TypeScript but that's not a strong requirement if you can adapt to best practices quickly. We're sharing a lot of the rendering code with our apps (in Rust, C). While you won't have to dig into that part of the stack you'll be able to if you're curious

You'll find more details in the offer here:

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hamzahc 13 days ago

Lightdash (YC S20) Is hiring an analytics engineering advocate 0 0
Tesorio (YC S15) Is Hiring a Head of Infrastructure (100% Remote)
FabioFleitas 14 days ago

Tesorio (YC S15) Is Hiring a Head of Infrastructure (100% Remote) 0 0
yeldarb 14 days ago

Roboflow (YC S20) is hiring a new leader for its machine learning team 0 0
Memfault (YC W19) Is Hiring a Firmware Engineer in NYC/Boston
tyhoff 14 days ago

Memfault (YC W19) Is Hiring a Firmware Engineer in NYC/Boston 0 0
Supabase (YC S20) Is Hiring a Growth Marketer
awalias 14 days ago

Supabase (YC S20) Is Hiring a Growth Marketer 0 0
Nango (YC W23, product integrations) is hiring a back end engineer
rguldener 15 days ago

Nango (YC W23, product integrations) is hiring a back end engineer 0 0
Jamsocket (YC W22) is hiring a senior Rust engineer for a WebSocket PaaS (NYC)
paulgb 16 days ago

Jamsocket (YC W22) is hiring a senior Rust engineer for a WebSocket PaaS (NYC) 0 0
BuildZoom (better way to build custom homes) Is hiring a Growth Associate
the_economist 16 days ago

BuildZoom (better way to build custom homes) Is hiring a Growth Associate 0 0
pgo 17 days ago

Dyte (YC W21) Is Hiring Support Engineers (Latin America)

We are hiring software engineers who can work in a customer facing role. The role requires an engineer who is well versed in web and/or mobile technologies and will work alongside with our product engineering team to provide support to customers.

This is not an entry level support position, you would be expected to write code, contribute to our web and mobile SDKs understand audio-video communication technologies, reverse engineer customer applications to find issues etc.

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