“Return to Monkey Island” is out today



btschaegg 10d
Now that's how you do a promotion page!

> "What did you sell?"

> "Nothing! Nothing fungible, anyway…"

Well, they obviously lost nothing in the humor department xD

GavinMcG 10d
Curious if playing any/all of the earlier releases is worthwhile before diving into this.
lelandfe 10d
Extremely positive reviews so far from the reviewers I trust the most. I will be buying.
eloisant 10d
Did anyone try it on Steam Deck?
mancerayder 10d
I can't wait to get home to play it.

Secret of Monkey Island 2 was my first PC game on a 486SX and VGA monitor. The sound came out of the PC speakers... One day I got an Adlib card and was blown away. Go ahead and download the remake on steam and notice something that kind of doesn't exist in any game (that I know): when you enter the scene on Scabb Island, the relaxed reggae beat changes ever so subtly depending on the bridge, the carpenter shop, the mapmaker, the bar, etc.

For example, you enter the mapmaker and the Wally music comes on, which is the same reggae bagdrop to a clarinet or oboe, the music is a little deeper in the carpenter shop, there's an evil background tone when Largo LaGrande shows up and a more subtle one in the hotel, etc.

With gorgeous hand painted digitized art.

They don't make games like that anymore. Can't wait to see if they actually did.

FireInsight 10d
Do yourself a favor and watch this wonderful video sassy historique on The Monkey Island series from Ahoy; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F9ahZQ7oP0
dang 10d

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wodenokoto 10d
I was thinking maybe I should finish monkey island 2 before buying this one. I got it on my iPhone a long time ago.

Well, tough luck. Disney bought Lucas Art and removed it from the App Store - no redownloads for anyone!


ortusdux 10d
thesuperbigfrog 10d
It is not a coincidence that they released it on International Talk Like a Pirate Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Talk_Like_a_Pira...

Talk like a Pirate, but don't fight like a dairy farmer.

germandiago 10d
You made my day. I did not even know about this. This is one of the series I enjoyed the most in my whole gaming life. And there has been quite a bit of that.
exDM69 10d
Two hours in and I'm enjoying it.

So far the puzzles have been fun, but not very difficult. The plot is a bit heavy with references to the story of the earlier games, but perhaps not too much (my partner enjoyed it too, having only played The Curse of Monkey Island, but not the others).

The "new" art style is a bit odd at first but it's nice and consistent and it has a style of its own. All the earlier games had a different art style to each other too, partly because the early installments had technical limitations they had to cope with (and then there was that thing with the 3d graphics).

The sound track is very nice with some tunes you'll probably know.

I'll rate it four monkeys and a pegleg.

pier25 10d
I played the prologue. The new engine is great although I'm still not convinced by the art style. It's not horrible by any means but I don't find it as charming as MI2 and MI3.
standardUser 10d
I never enjoyed these types of games as a kid, and I never beat them. I'm thinking specifically of Myst, its sequel, and Monkey Island. I'm not an idiot, but whatever particular type of problem-solving skill is required to enjoy these games, I just don't have it. I can enjoy the most complicated and convoluted strategy games or RPGs, but somehow those skills don't translate to knowing which thing to click on with which other thing. I can't be the only one, right? A reasonably smart person who outright fails at point-and-click puzzle games?
Razengan 10d
At the core of nostalgia it isn’t just about an specific object or event that we cherish, but also the ERA during which it occurred, and the special people from that age:

My uncle who introduced me to computers, his eccentric genius friend who built a DIY amplifier for me, my aunt who walked in and smiled as I was humming the game’s tune while paddling across the swamp in Monkey Island 2… my other uncle who helped me read my first novel, The Hobbit, fanning my interest in the weird and whimsy, and passed away just before Rings of Power aired…

Mortality’s a bitch. I’m grateful for these little time machines, and I wonder what long-awaited sequel or remake will come out after I’m gone.. :)

tpoacher 6d
Steam ...

Let's hope they bring it out on GoG too, soon.

Looking forward to playing, but there's no way in hell I'm buying this with DRM. Especially not a monkey island game. This I want to own properly, and show my kids one day. Not "rent with disclaimers".