mellosouls 6d
dekhn 6d
I expect them to get the Nobel prize in Chemistry in about two-three weeks.
Royi 6d
I wonder what people, in 100 years, would say about our era.

One might research, work hard and solve a problem that might change the course of development of a major field and win a recognition by $3M while someone which fills few numbers on a lottery ticket may earn 1-2 folds more.

I wish the system would give this kind of efforts and stories a bigger exposure, recognition and compensation.

Edit: The idea was about the prize amount, not those specific people. It wasn't the best choice, but the idea was that even as a statement, prizes for scientific achievements should be higher so they will be an extreme to all people to recognize and strive for. I guess one could find a better analogy than what I had in mind.

refulgentis 6d
Quite funny to me that:

- for the first time, there isn't mountains and mountains of trolling in an Alphafold thread and the comments are _very_ quiet

- the only reason why is a new account tried doing the trolling

- comment is instadead without any manual flagging

- but, people are afraid to post given the one try in 3 hours is dead

GeorgeJIrwin 6d
[deleted by user]
420official 6d
> ... were recognized for creating the tool that has predicted the 3D structures of almost every known protein on the planet.

I wonder if relying on a tool that doesn't 100% accurately represent reality could have a negative effect on future research

keepquestioning 6d
What's the next AlphaFold? I want to get in early
hanniabu 6d
Does this solve protein folding?