haunter 6d
Maybe just me but I'm starting to doubt any "name-and-shame" Tell HN posts from throwaway accounts.

If you are a regular here and have a proper account then why did you make a throwaway for this? If you are not a regular here then why do you make a name-and-shame post as your first post?

beauHD 6d
I remember registering for Reddit with Tor, then posting my first comment, only to have it invisible when I browse in an entirely new browsing session. So I tried my trusty residential connection and then I was able to post without any shadowban in place.

I concluded they place a 'score' on your IP. Obviously Tor has low reputation, so they ban that. I imagine residential IPs due to their traceability actually helps Reddit in some cases where if you say something off-color or highly inflammatory or outright illegal, then they have grounds to call law enforcement and track you down.

Hackernews does this too. I can't create throwaway HN accounts on a VPN/Tor because my first post is always shadowbanned, but my residential IP is never banned, and my posts show up in /newest every time.

Also: Welcome to the Internet!

oneplane 6d
It kinda sucks that the name of this concept (shadow ban) is completely ruined by analphabetic luddites (hyperbole, don't worry) calling every platform that ignores them a bunch of shadowbanners while it might simply be a case of an eventually consistent database, a hype algorithm that chose someone else's message, or a feed curation mechanism that simply doesn't include everyone else's messages.

A more usable term might be 'muted' or 'hidden' instead of a complete 'ban without letting you know'. Internally it's even more likely that they work with an extra reputation system next to the visible karma system where new accounts are simply given 'bad' reputation way sooner than they should.

joelrunyon 6d
I've noticed instagram does this too.

You try to create a second account and they will "suspend" you automatically and force you through a verification system.

Their spam algorithms have to be better than this...

ketralnis 6d
What's the account?
lausbub 6d
I'm not 100% sure, but Reddit seems to shadowban accounts created from some IPs based on some reputation score. Perhaps malicious activity is occurring on your network due to malware?
waffle_ss 6d
Take heart, even if you weren't shadowbanned, with a young, low karma account your first comments on most subreddits would get automatically modded as spam by Reddit's dumpy spam filter anyway.
koolba 6d
Is this done globally by Reddit itself or is applied individually by subs to new accounts?
sounds_like_hn 6d
[deleted by user]
ericfrazier 6d
Reddit, she ded