humanistbot 6d
Please don't link to a newspaper's tweet when they have an actual story:
yuan43 6d
I wonder to what extent this reflects desperation for foreign currency (especially dollars) given the recent intervention by BoJ to stop the yen's freefall.

My guess is that this would be a drop in the bucket, but who knows?

kaycebasques 6d
Road trip across Japan is quickly moving to the top of my bucket list? Has anyone done it? How was it? Must see stops?
ilarum 6d
Does this mean tourists don't need a visa for Japan anymore? Including people with traditionally "weaker" passports like Uganda, India, etc.? The article linked elsewhere in the comments is not clear on this.
tamiral 6d
This will make a day layover for a trip much simpler !
abc_lisper 6d
What's the catch? Can anyone visit Japan without a visa? People of any country?
Laaas 6d
Japan HN meet-up?
immigrantheart 6d
Nooooooooooo, I was about to go to Japan this November, using my iPhone 14 Pro to take pictures of Japan with less tourists...............
maldev 6d
This is awesome! Me and a few friends were planning a trip, but their old policy was really confusing and I couldn't find good guidance on it, most of it contradictory. Hopefully they see a big boost, I imagine their hospitality sectors got hammered.
orblivion 6d
This reminded me to check on Canada as I periodically do, and it looks like they also just made a related announcement today: they're ending vaccine requirements for the border at the end of the month:

I've previously been misdirected here, since they have different rules for vacationers vs business travelers or something like that. This sounds like a blanket lift of restrictions.

golemiprague 6d
[deleted by user]
warabe 6d
To fellow American HN people.

Right now USD/JPY is around 145, and it was about 100 in 2020, which means almost 30% discount for everything! (Please note that CPI of Japan is not so high)

Come to Japan, and enjoy!

notpushkin 6d
gailees 6d
What's your favorite snowy mountain onsen in Japan? Thinking of going to meditate for ten days for New Years.