PayPal closes account of UK's Free Speech Union without explanation



anigbrowl 6d
Looks up FSU on Wikipedia

> After Cambridge University launched an online portal for students to anonymously report microaggressions, the Free Speech Union threatened legal action. The portal was ultimately removed.[11]

I guess they consider some kinds of speech more free than others.

I found this article less than persuasive as it was clearly written to arouse rather than inform or supply context.

ben_w 6d
Without commenting on the merits or lack thereof in this case, I think it would be useful to give some more information about the FSU:
blipvert 6d
The FSU/Daily Sceptic/Toby Young is conspiracy theoristic, grifting, scam.

He knows that he broke the T&Cs - learning to cry for fun and profit.

The sad thing is that TY’s dad coined the term “meritocracy” and he’s the only reason why anyone pays any attention to Toby.

boomboomsubban 6d
Why would anyone remotely political trust PayPal after the 2010 Wikileaks closure?
lizardactivist 6d
Some of these cases seem like plain censorship. Other cases seem like something equivalent to the 10% rejection policy many US American insurance companies have, where they will flat out reject valid insurance claims just to raise the profit margins.

Personally I would never dare putting anything but spare change in the hands of Paypal or other US American payment providers.

10g1k 6d
PayPal has been blocking people, businesses, and organisations due to real or perceived ideological wrongthink for years. This is why more businesses are waking up and changing to Asian payment processors.
omg_ponies 6d
Is there a right to compel businesses to provide a service to you?
uncletammy 6d
Paypal has been doing this crap for at least 15 years now. Anyone still using them at this point has it coming.
pcdoodle 6d
All while HN consistently hates on BTC.