kojiromike 6d
I love factorio, but it would be a lot harder if it didn't have magic backpressure for everything. Can you imagine all the piles of green chips everywhere if the assembler just kept dumping them until it clogged?

I'm not even saying that it'd be better for interviews if you could turn off that backpressure. You gotta limit these things. I'm just saying, if someone asked me how factorio was different from systems in the real world, that'd be my first example.

bee_rider 6d
Going all the way through a play of factorio would be kind of a long interview, and there seems to me to be some pretty game-specific knowledge there. But I guess you also learn if the person is a good social fit as well.
ruined 6d
this interview process is biased against people who hate video games
jmugan 6d
I only read the first few paragraphs, but I guess they assume that someone has not played the game before? I'm continually surprised at how often we consider something to be domain-general common sense when it is in fact something domain specific that must be learned through experience.
dmitrygr 6d
An interview process designed to exclude anyone who does not video game? Tell me you're ageist without saying those words, I guess?
hello1234567 6d
what a f** bs