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Of course the US Military wants to know what you're reading:

“I believe the perception caused by civilian casualties is one of the most dangerous enemies we face.” - U.S. General Stanley A. McCrystal in his inaugural speech as ISAF Commander in June 2009.

The publics' democratic attitude about America's war machines is a threat to Americas national security, especially if that public starts to question the nature of the crimes being committed in their name, and the costs ..

The Pentagon probably wants to get out in front of any populist rise against their war crimes. Makes sense, given the magnitude of the crimes but also the magnitude of ignorance. This blowback may be the one thing that topples the security-states vast, significant fortress ..

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This is in sense known since Snowden times. Google CEO and others got mad their data were taken "for free" due to lack of SSL within data centers. That was quickly fixed by industry major players, DoD was visited, and all were happy thereafter. DoD can get same data as before by paying for them now.
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conspiracy mode: a high-ranking individual in the pentagon, member of a religious network, made the pentagon buy for a non-pertinent sum of public money, the piece of software from the company belonging to other members of its religious network.


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Check out this video by 'smertereveryday':

He has access to a 4 star general who gives him a little too much information. The first screen in the video is that it has been approved for public release.

The military understands the situation. You can see why they are purchasing internet data. I don't see the problem. Who exactly has been punished by this?

Or even snowden? NSA is spying on everyone? But is there people in prison for this? If so, were they people who did need to go to prison?

You can pretty much bet every country has 'lawful intercept'