senda 5d
You'd think by now there would be a opensource dashboard aggregating all these.
Avicebron 5d
No reference to amass?
lifeisstillgood 5d
I am astounded by what is feasible with OSINt - from tracking Vice Presidenal picks and billionaires jets to counting tanks destroyed.

I don't really understand the Venn Diagram here with journalism, spying and democratic debate, but it's there.

A cottage industry that I assume will explode into things like

- Hiring background checks

- consumer credit and counter party analysis

- supply chain somethings (the old how many trucks left that depot last month tells you something valuable)

Any other ideas ? Companies already springing up to do this?

Arainach 5d
With so many links in the document, you'd think they could spare one to define OSINT.
keepquestioning 5d
Is this how they found the Novichok poisoners?
aaron695 5d
[deleted by user]
asdadsdad 5d
OSINT is glorified web-scraping =)
hiidrew 5d
I got intrigued by OSINT near the beginning of the Ukraine war. I imagine a lot of community members have related background experience. But interesting to think of those without experience that got into it and can have an impact with the tools available.

There's a good podcast called New Models where they interview someone from the OSINT community. Recommend this if it piques your interest.