JoeAltmaier 6d
So, can I take an orexin pill and stay awake? The obvious question, not addressed by the article.

Googling, I see only dire reviews of orexin tablets, usually due to the other ingredients. What gives?

I have episodes of dire fatigue, and a way out of that mess would be very welcome.

sorethescore 6d
This helps explain why Cannabidiol may help with excessive sleepiness in hypocretindeficient rats.

modeless 6d
Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease sometimes triggered by flu? Fascinating. If only we could control the immune system better, we could fix so many problems.
NaturalPhallacy 6d
>narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorder in which some 70,000 orexin-producing neurons in the hypothalamus are destroyed by the body’s own immune system.


larsiusprime 6d
I have both narcolepsy and Tourette’s. There’s been some theories that Tourette’s is an autoimmune disorder too. Hopefully we’ll discover the cause of that as well one day.
MarcoZavala 6d
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motohagiography 6d
satisfice 6d
bulkprotocol 6d
I am diagnosed with Narcolepsy, N1. It's a complete nightmare honestly. The main issue is I get TOO much REM sleep and basically almost zero NREM 3 sleep.

I enter a vivid dream state within seconds of closing my eyes when sleeping. Sleep paralysis almost every day multiple times a night. Pure utter terrifying demonic nightmares and hallucinations to the point where at its worst I was too afraid to even try and sleep.

I've basically been chronically sleep deprived for about the last 10 to 15 years but was only recently diagnosed a couple years ago.

It's very debilitating at 33 years old and there is only one real drug that actually addresses the issue. Xyrem, really GHB, which just forces your brain to get deep sleep. It isn't a cure, but it's the closest thing we got right now.

The disease has basically ruined my life but Im thankful to be where Im at. A lot of others with the disease aren't so lucky. Especially if you have no access to any real medicine.

Your brain will just continue to fry itself without the needed restorative sleep.

mongol 6d
The prize money is approximately twice that of the Nobel prize. I read that it was founded by some of the richest people on the planet so perhaps not that surprising. Perhaps over time it will overtake Nobel in prestige too.
curiousgal 6d
I guess I am too cynical having read about prominent researchers faking results in similar fields.
jimnotgym 5d
Imagine where we could get to with medical research if we didn't waste so many super-smart people trying to target ads, harvest personal data, and high frequency trade.