Factorio runs on Apple Silicon

Timeline of Computer History (2015)



santiagobasulto 61d
This is amazing! Idk how I missed it for so long. I love history in general, and specially Technology history. Thanks!
JoeDaDude 61d
It's really nice to see all these people and hardware in photos, great website which I will show to friends and family.

My only gripe: Why include fiction, like Asimov's laws of robotics, or Robby the Robot? There are plenty of real life milestones to cover.

ModernMech 61d
Is this a history of computers or the Apple product line? The history of Apple and computers is intertwined, no doubt, but there are other companies out there driving the industry. I notice Microsoft’s products like the Surface are missing completely, but they make note of marginal iPhone features like a higher resolution display being introduced in 2010. The descriptions read like they come directly from the Apple marketing department. Is this sponsored by Apple or something?