Factorio runs on Apple Silicon


joshmn 61d
My guess as to what is happening:

1. Toptal uses Cloudflare for DNS

2. Toptal uses Cloudflare Insights, which automagically inserts the tracking snippet of `https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js/\\*`

3. You send the request to Toptal and somewhere along the line, Cloudflare misinterprets the request and injects the tracking code

It's not anything nefarious by Toptal. It's not their minify script. It's a misconfigured page rule, or similar. It's a bug.

Alupis 61d
I really would like to know why anyone would use an API to minify javascript/css/html instead of using a local library, built-in webserver features, or relying on some front-end service like Cloudflare.

Feels like we've jumped the shark if you need to send un-minified stuff to another server to get minified, sort of defeating the point in the first place...

Bilal_io 61d
Are you sure that's not Cloudflare injecting the JS it on behalf of TopTal because they have CF analytics enabled?

But I agree with your point, this should have been mentioned in their ToS and/or Privacy Policy.

codegeek 61d
I think it is part of cloudflare's browser insights which is now part of their "Web Analytics". You will see this almost with any site using cloudflare that has web analytics enabled.



The site owner needs to configure cloudflare correctly to add analytics on certain pages only otherwise cloudflare injects it by default.

Nicksil 61d
Good lookin out. Appreciate the heads-up.