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cogman10 61d
> The Mesaba continued as a merchant ship until it was torpedoed by a German submarine while in convoy in 1918. Twenty people, including the ship's commander, died.

For some reason I read the title thinking that both ships sank that night. Apparently this one survived until WW1.

8bitsrule 61d
More on the Mesaba (ex-Winifreda). [http://www.theyard.info/ships/ships.asp?entryid=319]
dmix 61d
> Its exact location was unknown for more than a century, but scientists have now found the wreck of the Mesaba by using multibeam sonar. The offshore surveying tool uses sound waves to enable seabed mapping in such detail that the superstructure can be revealed on sonar images, allowing researchers at Bangor University and Bournemouth University in the UK to positively identify the shipwreck in the Irish Sea.

TIL, the radar is detailed enough to ID the ships without using a submarine.

indigodaddy 61d
Anyone know a good tv documentary on the Titanic?
zackees 61d
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netsharc 61d
Geez, why can't the article use the proper term "the bridge" instead of/that it could explain as "the main control center of the ship". I remember reading that to be readable to the average American, the news is written in fifth grade level English. In this case, it shows.
remote_phone 61d
I wonder how long it will take to find the Malayan airlines plane
meigwilym 61d
It's nice to see my local university on HN.

Here's their article on the matter: