Factorio runs on Apple Silicon


mataug 61d
>The petition says any division of property is laid out in a separation contract, agreed to by the couple, which is not public

They had a prenup, and he's probably not getting half of her wealth, and both of them are going to be fine. Its sad that their marriage didn't work out, but that's none of our business.

There's not much else to this story IMHO.

neilv 61d
There could be something relevant to the public interest in this, like possible impact on charities.

But this piece looks to me like celebrity/paparazzi 'news', with a bunch of random snooping, and I don't understand why it's in the Business section of the New York Times.

swyx 61d
oh notably... this is for her SECOND marriage, the one AFTER bezos.

soo.. does the new guy get half? :eyes:

karaokeyoga 61d
mjfl 61d
I hope she and Jeff get back together.
sn0w_crash 61d
2 years ago these outlets portrayed her as “wife of Jeff Bezos.”

Now they introduce her as “billionaire philanthropist”

I’m not throwing shade I’m just making an observation.

Bubble_Pop_22 61d
It's very easy to be a philantropist with other people's money.