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The Endless Doomscroller



xrd 61d
Right at the start of the pandemic I discovered you can register .ng (Nigeria) domains.

So, I registered doomscroli.ng. I was sure it would become a huge success.

Worst $200 I've ever spent.

It's available again if anyone here wants it.

jart 61d
Reminds me of what life was like, before I switched from news to hacker news.
karaokeyoga 61d
Suggestion: "Things Falling Apart" (after https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Things_Fall_Apart)
tuatoru 61d
'Tis a thing of beauty!
PaulDavisThe1st 61d
and they say Murphy was a pessimist!
Xeoncross 61d
This is fantastic, with a quick check every day I feel like I'll be ready to dialog with coworkers about whatever the latest news is.
drewtato 61d
In case you were curious, there are 355 headlines that repeat.

See also: http://endless.horse/

matthewhartmans 61d
By holding down the END key on my keyboard, I eventually pushed it to the end ;)
Tao3300 61d
Reminds me of https://pippinbarr.com/it-is-as-if-you-were-playing-chess/in...

Except it's It is as if you are reading Twitter

Barrin92 61d
I don't really understand the "doomscroll" discourse to be honest. For one doom is sort of an appropriate mindset for a solid chunk of history. I wonder what internet optimists would have written about doomscrolling in the 1920s if the web had been around, with the world on the verge of multiple major conflicts. I can only imagine some new Stephen Pinker book going "guys, it's going great, look at all the inventions!"

People who were dooming about zoonotic viruses over the last few decades were right and we ought to have listened to them, climate change doomers from the 70s or 80s certainly look prescient and will increasingly more so in another few decades.

Rather than taking a three monkeys approach of "see no evil/hear no evil" I think a healthy dose of doom creates an appropriate sense of urgency to problems we are otherwise prone to sleepwalk into.

alphabet9000 61d
an image to go along with each headline https://twitter.com/nytimesgloom
benjaminwootton 61d
Very powerful. It really evokes a similar emotion to reading the news.
kirse 61d
I picked up on this last year and what frustrates me is I feel like I can't override the population-level unconscious anxiety and despair that many continue to spread through their behaviors (often being fed by these doomscrolling news narratives).

Words can be consciously dismantled in the mind, but actions are subtler and speak something subconsciously... It's like if you walked up to a pool and everyone was tiptoeing around it and not jumping in. No matter how fearless you are there's still something deep that triggers your own apprehension.

With COVID people are still behaving fearfully and there's nothing I can do about it other than suffer the harvest of ongoing social distancing stupidity, the idiotic glass walls still up in every grocery store, the "contact-less whatever the fuck", the lack of hotel room service... all the 100s of stupid anxiety-driven behaviors and changes that got implemented the past few years that were once never a thing.

Ahh whatever, back to doomscrolling.

triggercut 61d
I was expecting an endless stream of random DALL.E generations. Like instagram, but no one exists and the posts are made up.