Factorio runs on Apple Silicon




hoistbypetard 61d
Ha. Their EV test (which they say you should be able to connect to, if your browser is "good") uses a certificate that expired Aug 10 2022: https://extended-validation.badssl.com
zmmmmm 61d
I actually love this site.

It's a great way to do baseline sanity checking on any service provider you are using or assessing for use. How well they manage and configure certificate functionality is a good indicator of whether they are on top of things generally.

(also a good way to check up on your own internal IT department as well).

arilotter 61d
lol, their EV cert is expired
wbond 61d
If you are looking for some other bad TLS configs, I run a site that augments this at https://badtls.io/.
yalogin 61d
I am dense and so don’t get what this site is showing me. Can someone explain?
CGamesPlay 61d
Related: here is my collection of links/domains which are useful, but difficult to search for on Google.

DNS / Networking:

- http://neverssl.com/ - manually trigger a paywall / login screen on public wifi networks

- https://ifconfig.co - Simplest way to get own IP address, especially from scripts.

Web development:

- http://vcap.me, http://lvh.me - Main domain and all subdomains resolve to localhost.

- http://nip.io - Subdomains resolve to that IP Address, e.g. ``

- https://httpstat.us - simple service to generate desired response codes

- https://badssl.com - test SSL client configuration against many invalid certificates

- https://permission.site/ - test various permission requests

Anyone have any other good candidates?

pabs3 61d
Hmm, Firefox can still connect to some of these.
herbst 61d
Used that site recently to implement a cert monitor in just a few minutes than the hours I had planned. Really valueable resource