Factorio runs on Apple Silicon


metadat 61d

TL;DR: Only Tres Comma Club members will be affected

smaili 61d
> One major issue is there aren’t enough places for these vehicles to take off and land.

Is that really a "major" contributor?

wiradikusuma 61d
People underestimate (total) transit time. Yes, flight from city A to B is only an hour. But you need another hour, each, for Ubering between home and terminal. And checking in. And waiting for everything in between. And delay. All that and 5 hours gone.

Personally, I prefer to get in a car, be a couch potato, and when I wake up, I've reached my destination.

jmugan 61d
How loud are these?
OneLeggedCat 61d
> Kittyhawk says on its LinkedIn page that the company has flown and made over 100 aircraft

Wow. Wonder where all these are?

tonytifao 61d
Big player is Eve. Check them out https://eveairmobility.com/
tonytifao 61d
It's like helicopters. Cheaper and faster.
snickerbockers 61d
I really wish all the money that gets funneled into trying to re-invent travel (self-driving buses, hyper-loop, boring company, this, etc) could get invested into developing competent American public transit networks based on technology that already exists.